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How to install Android APK files (apps) on Windows Phones?

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I have Samsung Omnia as well as a Nokia Lumia windows phone 8 device. I want some paid (without paying for free) games and apps to be installed on these phones. I have apk files of android games and apps in my computer. Is it possible to install the .apk files on windows phone devices such as sideloading on BlackBerry devices?

I can install these files on my Windows 8 using Bluestacks, but is there any ways to install apk on windows phone handsets?


2 Answers

.apk files are for ANDROID phones only, not windows phones. XAP files can be installed on windows phones.
answered Feb 18 by DrPremJ Guru (17,360 points)


Hello there,if your phone has a micro sd card slot, transfer the apk file there from pc and then use a file explorer from the phone to browse to the apk and tap to install. the phone will ask you if you want to install from unknown source, just say yes.
Or you try to open this link below:
Hope this help.
answered Mar 10, 2013 by anne007 Guru (2,210 points)
commented Mar 10, 2013 by Your common sense Guru (3,080 points)
And the question is about installing apk on windows phone, not Android phone ;)
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