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How to transfer contacts from Blackberry to Samsung Galaxy Grand phone?

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I was using BlackBerry Curve handset and now I purchased the Galaxy Grand i9082 dual SIM handset. I want to move all my contacts from BB handset to the android phone. How to trnasfer the contacts easily?


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First, you need to turn on Bluetooth for both devices and then match up both devices to each other. From there, go to Blackberry's Bluetooth setup so as to select the Galaxy Note 2 and then press the enter key or trackpad, and the device menu will simply pop up. Once done select on the option "Transfer Contacts" and the device will pop up a request to allow you to accept a file named Phonebook.vcf'. Select "ACCEPT."
answered Apr 4, 2013 by anne007 Guru (2,210 points)
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If you haven't updated the BlackBerry OS firmware, then you have Google Sync on your phone. Enable the Google Sync in your phone including contacts sync and use the same gmail ID on your Samsung Galaxy Grand android phone and enable the contact sync in settings > account & sync > your emai ID > Contacts sync.

If you don't have Google Sync on your phone, then try this method:

answered Mar 20, 2013 by Ramz Guru (25,950 points)
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