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How to remove my old mobile phone from Google Play Store?

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I was using Samsung Galaxy Ace android phone from past 2 years and it was recorded in Google Play store on my email ID. Now, I have sold my old phone to someone else by doing full factory/data reset. I have removed the gmail ID from that phone and sold on ebay. Now, I have added my same gmail ID to the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and accessed the Google Play store in my phone.

Now, when I login to Google Play store via the web browser on my PC, I can still see my old phone listed on "my devices" section of the marketplace. Whenever I try to download any app, it asks to select my phone. Its annoying as I have only 1 handset with me and I don't want to install anything to my old phone.

Note: When I selected my old phone to install the app, it says, the app will be downloaded and installed on your phone. Is it happenning actually? I am worried.

Question is:

How to remove my old phone from the Google Play Store with my email ID?

Can the new user of the phone able to login to my gmail account? Will the apps be downloaded to his phone, when I click on download from here?

I have checked the my apps settings, but, there is only "edit" option available, no "remove" button. Please give me a fix.


1 Answer


Login to your Account after which visit

Select Orders & Devices (You will find it at the bottom of the page)

Then > navigaet to devices

Under visibility click on Show in Menus

 Then select hidden menus next to your device you wish to hide 

Google doesn't allow you to remove the device but the most you can do is hide it using the method given above !!

answered Jun 24, 2013 by Ashish Cherian Guru (5,410 points)
commented Oct 14, 2013 by anonymous
Every time I uncheck Show in Menus for a device I returned as faulty, it rechecks itself on the next refresh or visit to that page. Why can't Google just supply a means of deleting a device I no longer own?
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