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Google Play Music app's shuffled songs resetting to play only downloaded songs from phone

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I have latest Google Play Music app installed on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and the version is v5.2.1224L.847622.

The strange problem I am getting from the official Music app of Google is - Whenever I shuffle a list of songs or whenever I select some songs as playlists to listen to, it works until I exit the app and when I re open the app, then all shuffled songs and queued songs disappears and the songs and audio from my download folder comes as default songs. The default downloaded songs queued over the manually added playlist or queues.

If I want to listen to my favorite songs, I need to go to the wholle process of adding or shuffling songs again and its irritating. Now, using the default Samsung Music Player, which is good. Do anyone else got the issues similar to this - automatting reset of music queue of Google play Music player?

Note: My favorite songs are stored in external memory card - sdcard ad I guess, the defaultly coming (resetting to) songs are stored in my phone or internal memory. Those default songs are downloaded from internet/browser or from whatsapp.

One finding from my watching:

I can see a sdcard icon in the notification bar, which shows the "media scanning" or "sdcard scanning" sometimes, at least 4-5 times a day. But, whenever I try to access the memory card files via google music and gallery, its accessible without any issues. I have created playlists 3-4 times and now the playlists are empty.

Possible solution:

  • A software update
  • Google play music app update
  • Testing with another external memory card. (currently it;s a 32GB micro sdcard)
  • I should try building playists in the samsung music player app (came with the handset)

1 Answer

Google play music app works perfectly fine on my galaxy s3 handset with 32gb microsd card. I guess, you should change the memory card. And the Samsung's app will also shows the same problem with the memory card.
answered Oct 4, 2013 by Your common sense Guru (3,080 points)
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