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iPad mini locked due to not taking the iCloud backup since 2 weeks

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My iPad mini locked and I cannot login as the error message shows:

Your iPad mini locked because you haven't taken backup of iCloud from past two weeks.

How can I enter to iPad mini. I fI get in, I will connect it to Wi-Fi and backup the iCloud.


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Try rebooting your iPad Mini. Press Home button + sleep button at the same time for few seconds until it turn off and Apple Logo shows up. Ignore the red slider and release the buttons. Now, directly connect your iPad mini to WiFi and backup iCloud!

The solution provided by Apple employee:

You might try a forced shutdown to begin with, hold down the top and home buttons together until the device shuts down, then restart it.

answered Jan 21, 2013 by Ramz Guru (25,950 points)
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