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Samsung Galaxy Fit - Root, install CWM recovery, CyanogenMod 7.2 and Google apps

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Today, I have rooted Samsung Galaxy Fit GT-S5670, installed ClockWorkMod (CWM) recovery, installed available CyanogenMod 7.2 nightly ROM and installed the Google Apps (Gapps) to get the Google Play Store, Gmail, GTalk and other services successfully. Now the affordable smartphone works correctly without any problems.

This will work for any best custom ROM firmware for GT-S5670 model.

Note: I have read some instructions from other websites, however, none of them are complete. So, I have decided to give you a step by step instruction, which actually works 100%.

First of all make sure your device has at least 70% charge in battery. Make sure you have taken backup of necessary files or contacts. Now, we have to root the device, in order to install the Custom Recovery firmware on it, which will let you install the CyanogenMod or any other custom ROM. 

  1. Download OPS file from here:
  2. Download working CWM file from here:
  3. I have tried other version of ODIN, but it didn't worked, so, download the S5670_OdinMultidownloader from here: 
  4. Now extract the ODIN zip file and run the odin_multidownloaderv3.48.exe file.
  5. Switch off phone and go to download mode by long pressing volume down + home + power button
  6. Connect the device to your PC, which will install drivers to your PC and make sure, everything is set as the image below.If your device not recognized on your PC, then you have to download the Samsung USB driver fom here: (this one worked for me)

Select One package, Auto reboot, Protected OPS check mark. Click on OPS button and select the BENI_v1.0.ops file and the click on One Package button and select beni_cwm-5_ext4_v2.tar file. Now click on Start and it will take few seconds, then the device will be rebooted. Your device has been rooted and custom recovery has been installed.

Steps to install any custom ROM firmware or CyanogenMod firmware from ZIP file and Google Apps for it:

  1. Download your favorite custom ROM file, in my case download the CyanogenMod 7.2 nightly for GT-S5670 from this link: (its around 83MB in size)
  2. Download the Google Apps from here:
  3. Now copy the both files to your root of the memory card and shut down the device.
  4. Now go to CWM recovery mode by long pressing home key + power button and wipe cache, reset factory/data settings and go to advance then wipe dalvik cache. (Use volume buttons to move, power button for back and home button for selection)
  5. Now select zip from sd card and select the cyanogenmod (or any custom ROM file) and then again install zip from SD card and select gapps file (no need to do it for some custom ROMs).
  6. Now, again do reset data/factory settings, wipe cache and wipe dalvik cache (not recommended, but I have done it and it worked for me. May be that one is a extra step - why take the risk?)
  7. Now reboot the device and voila, you will be looking at the new CyanogenMod logo after the "android" written on screen.


Now add accounts and setup your device as you want. For more queries, ask in the comments form below.

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commented Jan 4 by Sergio Wallache Guru (3,930 points)
Does this CyanogenMod 7.2 nightly comes with any problems? Anything not working? I would like to install the Nightly on my secondary phone - Samsung Galaxy Young too.
commented Jan 20 by Shef
I have updated my FIT to cyanogenmode 7 but unable to ad acoounts. Google apps except talk (that too is not woring since i cant add acoounts) is missing.
What can I do here??
Thanks in advance.
commented Jan 20 by DrPremJ Guru (17,360 points)
If the Google Play store opens and shows any error while adding accounts, then you should go to app settings and kill Google Play Services/Google Play Store (force stop) as well as Google Play service framework. Then try again, it might work for you, at least after a reboot. If you haven't installed the same gapps as linked in the above tutorial, then you should download it and re flash it in recovery mode. That will solve your problem.
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