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Can I install viber app on BlackBerry Q10 phone?

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Does BlackBerry Q10 handset supports Viber application for video, voice calls? If yes, where can I download the app from any website or official blackberry app market/store?
commented Feb 8, 2013 by Vijay Guru (9,470 points)
edited Feb 25, 2013 by DrPremJ
Yes, you can install the Viber application on Blackberry q10. Blackberry q10 supports viber. To download this App click on this link -

1) After this click on the download and before download sign up in Blackberry.

Through sign up you can access or download any application of Blackberry.

1 Answer

As of now BlackBerry Q10 doesn't supports Viber VoIP application as this phone is running on latest BB 10 OS and this platfor has poor support for apps, I mean there are very less number of apps available in appworld to phones runs on this new OS platform.

However, the developer of Viber may release the app soon and I suggest you to try sideloading of the ported app on this device so you will get a quick access to this device. This doesn't mean that every features should work perfectly but main features will work for sure.

Moreover, only Google Talk app is available for this platform as of now to connect to the cross platform devices/users rather than BBM for same platform users. Keep an eye on this link of appworld for the development and release fo this app:
answered Feb 8, 2013 by Chang Guru (10,810 points)
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