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How to sideload (install) Whatsapp android app in BlackBerry Z10?

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I searched for the whatsapp messenger in app world for BlackBerry Z10 with OS10 but I am not able to find it as the developers hasn't released the app for this new platform. So, I decided to download and install (sideload) the android version of the app and try it on my phone.

Does, sideloaded app works fine with this handset?

Can somebody please guide me with the step by step tutorial to get it installed on my phone?

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you don't need to worry. Now WhatsApp is available for BlackBerry 10 devices. Get it from

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Although Whatsapp for BlackBerry 10 OS is confirmed, but not yet released. Good news is you can sideload whatsapp android app and it is tested - working fine with some limitations.

Step by step to install/sideload whatsapp on BB Z10/Q10:

  • You should have a Windows PC (32Bit or 64 Bit) and you should install Java JRE on your system.
  • Download Java JRE for Windows 32 Bit from here. Download for 64 bit here.
  • Now download the whatsapp android apk file converted to .bar from this link. (5.49MB)
  • Finally, you should download the DDPB Installer to sideload the app from this link.

  • Now go to settings in BlackBerry Z10 phone (Swype down on home screen)
  • From there go to Security & Privacy and then Development Mode and turn on Use Development mode. If you don't use any password lock, then it will prompt you to add a password, then enter your name as password.
  • Now again go to Setiings > About > Network and note down the IPv4 number mentioned there (ex:
  • Now connect your Smartphone to PC and run DDPB Installer and enter the IP address (you have already noted down) and password.
  • Confirm the IP entered and click on Conect button in the DDPB installer.
  • Once connected, click on Add and select (downloaded file) and click on checkbox to mark it and click Install.
  • One process window will pops up and your installation will be successful.
  • Now you have to change the development mode by going to settings > development mode and turn off user development mode (in your phone)
  • Remove the password by going to Settings > Security & Privacy > Device Password.

This video might help you to use DDPB Installer:

To setup Whatsapp messenger app on BlackBerry Z10:

  • Open Whatsapp from your menu or homescreen
  • Don't ever try to update the sideloaded app. You may remove this app, once the official version of the app available in the BB app world.
  • Now select your country and enter phone number
  • you have 2 options for verification - text message or voice call. Opt for any of these until your number verified and confirmed.
  • Drawback: Your phone contacts won't get synced with whatsapp and you should manually add the contacts.
  • If the app ask you for the update, use swype back action (bezel) to decline the app update.
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thanks, this tutorial worked out for me.. BTW, I tried this on my PlayBook!
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So how do you add contacts in sideloaded whatsapp in Z10?
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