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Can I Install Whatsapp messenger on Nokia Asha 202 mobile phone?

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I want to install whatsapp messenger to connect with my classmates and do texting without internet. Can I download and install the whatsapp messenger on Nokia Asha 202 handset?
commented Apr 11, 2013 by Vijay Guru (9,470 points)
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No you cannot use whatsapp messenger on your Nokia asha 202 because Nokia asha 202 don't support the whatsapp function. Most of the Nokia asha series have the same problem.

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You can't use WhatsApp Messenger in Nokia Asha 202.

To ensure whether your phone support this or not, just use the following instructions.

1. Go to

2. Select your mobile model in the top bar.

3. Search the required app to know whether that mobile support or not.

You can also goto that app and than set your mobile model to know.

answered Jan 15, 2013 by Ramesh Guru (28,590 points)
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commented Jan 15, 2013 by DrPremJ Guru (17,360 points)
Nice observation and good answer :)
commented Jan 15, 2013 by Ramesh Guru (28,590 points)
Thank you :)
commented Sep 10 by Ravi Nadoda
it is so simple to install whatsapp on nokia asha 200,202 and 205.
Open belove link in your asha phone, it link to whatsapp .jad file, it direct install whatsapp from its website.   or

here notice when typing url there is "W" and "A" capical in browser.
Yes, Whatsapp is available for Nokia Asha 202. As it is Symbian phone, it will support Whatspp. You can download it from your Nokia OVI store.
answered Jul 20, 2013 by kavita Guru (3,100 points)

Try this link:

If you are lucky, then you can download and install it for free.

answered Jan 15, 2013 by Ramz Guru (25,950 points)
Yes, You can install whatsapp messenger in your Nokia Asha 202. Because It is based on symbian operating system and Symbian operating system support whatsapp messenger.
answered Jul 6, 2013 by Anant (320 points)

Easy install MaxxSpy can help: can-install-whatsapp-messenger-nokia-asha-202-mobile-phone

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answered Jul 21 by jackydenny Expert (500 points)

Whatsapp supports most symbian series 40 phones. To check, visit from your mobile browser and click on download app button. You may be asked to provide your phone model, and select your device. 

UNFORTUNATELY, this application don't support the Whatsapp messenger.

answered Jan 4, 2013 by DrPremJ Guru (17,360 points)
edited Jan 15, 2013 by DrPremJ
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