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How to get free gold to play war commander game on Facebook?

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I am playing war commander game in Facebook since 2 months. I am getting attacked by some unknown people on war commander online. I cant attck them or defence them as I don't have enough gold to upgrade items or buy new weapons or tankers. How to get free gold, without paying money? Is there any software , cheats or crack files available to get free gold points to play in War Commander in facebook?

commented Jan 25, 2013 by Your common sense Guru (3,080 points)
Many users got banned from war commander game by using cheat engines. Beware #
commented Oct 15, 2013 by baran
well this game called war commander for reason, so stop being such a p**** and start kick some a***
commented Jan 2 by clifford
if a player buy gold from a card is that cheat
commented Jan 21 by allasint
Pleas Add facebook me.
commented Jul 21 by anonymous
just  another money making game

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you are right Musthafa Ullal we cant get free gold in War Commander to unlock, upgrade or increase repairing speed. better you can use War commander cheat engine v6.2 which helps to unlock or level upgrade of Army, turret, Aircraft etc. Just refer below link for information about War Commander (Facebook game) Cheat engine v6.2.
answered Jan 5, 2013 by Shakir Namshad Guru (8,160 points)
commented Jan 5, 2013 by DrPremJ Guru (17,360 points)
Yes, may be the cheat engines were released by the game developers itself for more marketing and make it more viral!
commented Jan 5, 2013 by Chang Guru (10,810 points)
thank you Sir, this is fine with the upgrade tool (cheat software), I will play with that and I don't need the Gold increasing tool.
commented May 17, 2013 by Ama Kidane (140 points)
we cant use cheat engine not good to use cheat u can get banned from the game so easy and i dont like to cheat is there any ther way to get gold for free excpet cheatin
commented Jan 2 by clifford
i know war commander is a great game, but some  players a cheaters, like my self, lvl 19. enemy came bble my base hes lvl16. i start reach lvl 19 with out goldcan not buy with no gold. lvl 16 came with super powers,.its not fair..
As per I know, you cannot get free gold to pla war commander online on facebook. There are plenty of websites (even YouTube videos) are there in Internet, which claims that they are using software to get free gold points as well as other hacks and cheats, but they are not true. They might hijack your facebook ID or they may send virus to your PC, which will get your important data.

The company behind war commander is huge and they know how to defend their game. The game is popular only because of not availability of cheats or hacks. Don't try finding cheats or hacks for any Facebook Online game, it's just waste of time.
answered Jan 2, 2013 by DrPremJ Guru (17,360 points)
commented Jan 2 by clifford
i hate cheaters & hackers, my motor is fight fair an play fair, by the rules an law in war commander game, thank you sir,.
the same we all get attacked why kixey not send to oss free gold and we will do everything she say to oss
answered Jun 4, 2013 by Ama Kidane (140 points)
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