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How to update Tecno N3 Phone to Android ICS 4.0.1?

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This mobile has Android Gingerbread and I want to update the phone to Ice Cream Sandwich latest version. I tried settings - about phone - software update and check for updates but still no update visible. Is there any custom ROM to download and install. I don't mind rooting this phone as I am ready to take risk (I already made a mistake by purchasing this phone). Any idea to upgrade the OS?


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I don't think there is any Custom Android firmware available by the third party developer based on ICS. But you can check the software update manually by going to settings > about phone > software update.

If you don't find, find a community of tecno n3 users and all together send an email to tecno support website. I guess, this phone was released in Kenya and Nigeria (mostly Africa). Please go to the nearest support/service centre and ask them about the ICS update. In initial impression, this phone is capable of running ICS 4.0.1 as it has got good speed and RAM as well.

answered Jan 21, 2013 by Ramz Guru (25,950 points)
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