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How to setup manual internet settings in Samsung galaxy S3?

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Hi guys, One of my friend gifted me Samsung Galaxy S3 for my birthday. but I couldn't connect to internet in Docomo Sim. please help me to solve this issue

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This is very simple to setup manual setting in Samsung Galaxy S3 to access internet. First of all, just check-out you have activated any internet pack.

Step 1: to setup manual internet settings, go-to settings-more settings

Step 2: there you can find many option like mobile data, Data roaming, Access point names and many more

Step3: Go-to Access point names

Step 4: there you can find TATA DOCOMO and TATA DOCOMO MMS (two option)

Step 5: select TATA DOCOMO

Step 6: Just check for APN option, which is filled with TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET


Step 9: now save manual settings and click switch-on Mobile data and data roaming options

Step 10: access internet

This simple 10 steps helps,  how you can set-up manual settings (TATA DOCOMO) in Samsung galaxy S3

answered Jan 24, 2013 by Shakir Namshad Guru (8,160 points)
Follow the following steps to access the internet in Samsung galaxy. 1) Go the settings 2) Select Wireless and Network 3) Click Mobile network 4) Access point names 5) Click Main menu 6) Click result to default 7) Then go back to wireless and network 8) Click enable After these steps now you allow to access the internet in Samsung galaxy s3
answered Feb 3, 2013 by Vijay Guru (9,470 points)

Why do you want to setup the internet settings manually? Just delete the old settings > more > access point names and select any settings (if it is there) and tap on "remoce" or "delete" option and when it becomes empty, then call your mobile service provider (in your case Tata Docomo) customer care and ask them to send the new internet settings, then they will send you the settings and save it. Now you can use internet connection on your Samsung Galaxy S3!

answered Jan 24, 2013 by Ramz Guru (25,950 points)
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