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Can I download & Install Whatsapp on Samsung Star 3 Duos Phone?

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Hi Anon,

As far as I have searched about your problem, I found that your phone does not support Whatsapp. Also just for confirmation I will be contacting the Whatsapp team, will let you know in a day or two.

answered Feb 4, 2013 by ImranSoudagar Guru (1,070 points)
asked Apr 26, 2013 in General by anonymous
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is the samsung star 3 duos is android phone, if not how can i install android?
commented Jan 16 by Nikhil
please imran also let me know on my e-mail i m facing the same problem
Yes you can download whatsapp on your samsung star 3 duos, but from third party sites. You can find these sites on google search engine, just write whatsapp for samsung start 3 duos. I would not support video call.
answered Apr 3, 2013 by imranraja Expert (560 points)
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commented Mar 1 by shreshtha
(y) thanks :) :)
commented Jun 6 by anonymous
plz send link
commented Jul 3 by teju
whatz the link

Whatsapp supports to only Android OS, Windows OS and Samsung OS. In Nokia only S40 and S60 mobiles support to whatsapp. And is not an Android phone so you can't install whatsapp in it.

answered Jul 17, 2013 by kumkum Expert (840 points)


You can download & Install Whatsapp on Samsung Star 3 Duos Phone FREE and use trial 48h FULL features at:

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answered Sep 8 by jackydenny Expert (500 points)

Whats App comes only for Android OS, Apple's iOS, windows Phones and also Nokia S40 and S60 devices.

According to the specifications of your mobile, it does not support Whats App from the original site. But you can try with other sites .

Here is one such link:

This may help you but i cannot assure you completely with this because the model number of your phone is not listed.
answered Feb 4, 2013 by shinek Guru (1,770 points)
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