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Can I install Windows Phone software on Nokia E7 phone?

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I am using Nokia e7 since 1 year and it was running on Symbian OS and recently I have upgraded the operating system to Belle OS. I want to change the OS platform of this phone completely. Android is my first preference, but I guess the hardware of this device won't make it happen and there is no any link in the whole internet wrote about this. So, I give up the idea of porting android on Nokie E7

However, my next preference is porting Windows Phone OS to Nokie E7. This idea came to my mind as it could be possible because the Nokia is well known for Microsoft Windows Phone devices since 2011 and it is driving the sales of Nokia every quarter. It would be better if Nokia comes up with a plan to port windows phone OS on their high end Symbian phones such as E7, N8, N9, E90 etc.

Do anyone have any idea or guidence to accomplish this task?


1 Answer

yes you can install windows phone software on nokia E7

by following some steps:-

1> install zune software for update your phone

2> connect with computer

3> it can update automatically or by manually

4> click on update in windows phone 7 connector

finally unplug your phone after update complete
answered Feb 12, 2013 by Vijay Guru (9,470 points)
commented Feb 12, 2013 by Your common sense Guru (3,080 points)
Brother, the question is not about updating software but installing windows phone on symbian device
commented May 20, 2013 by anonymous
Does it works? first of all Zune will not detect your E7 phone, then how can you update or install windows OS on Nokia E7
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